5 Products for living a more sustainable life


Products for living a more sustainable life. With so much plastic packaging and chemically laden products on the market it can sometimes appear hopeless in the plight to live more sustainably, rest assured though it can be done! By making a conscious effort to consider the environment when purchasing products, you are creating a better world for the future and reaping rewards for your health in the process. Below are just a few of our recommendations to get you started…

Bamboo Sheets
Bamboo grows faster than any other raw material and doesn’t require the use of chemicals or pesticides to grow. Our organic bamboo bed sheets are made from 100% bamboo and feel amazingly silky soft. They are also naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic meaning they are perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Recycled Glass and Cork Water Bottle
The first 100% natural water bottle made from 40% recycled glass and 60% natural quartz sand. The exterior cover is made from natural cork and the lid is made from beech wood and wood bio-mass. No plastic, no steel just the natural taste of water you get when drinking from glass.

Banksia Scent Pot
These Australian hand crafted scent pots are taken from the South West of Australia after they have fallen from the tree and the birds have taken the seeds out. Simply remove the stopper and place a few drops of essential oil in them to leave your room smelling beautiful. Home decor doesn’t get more natural than this!

Gumnut Spinning Top
An Australian take on a timeless classic toy. Hand made in Australia from reclaimed wood they are free of plastic and wasteful packaging. These gorgeous little gumnuts are perfect for getting kids away from their screens and interacting with a toy that is quintessentially Australian.

Soap Nuts
A Natural laundry detergent that hails from the Himalayas and has been used for centuries in China, India and Nepal. For a completely chemical free clean that is amazing for sensitive skin and biodegradable, why would you choose anything else?! Simply pop a few in the calico bag provided and throw into your machine, lasting up to 6 washes at a time they are also extremely economical.

Where our sustainable products are sourced

We source all our products from Australian suppliers, some of these suppliers get their products made overseas. All goods are fair trade and environmentally friendly. Some items are handmade in WA and other parts of Australia, we will always attempt to source Australian made first.

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