3 ways to attract beneficial bugs into your garden

IMG_7202 Trying to grow a thriving veggie garden but struggling with pesky bugs that want to share in the spoils of your labour? Why not let nature do as intended and give it a helping hand to keep the nasties at bay and create an eco sanctuary for the good guys.

1. Forget the pesticides

Just as pesticides keep unwanted pests at bay they also keep the beneficial insects away, even organic pesticides are deterrents for our friendly critters. Latest studies show that GM crops are what’s killing our bees as it means farmers can use more potent chemicals, subsequently killing off much more than just weeds. By cutting out the pesticides you are not only attracting more good bugs to benefit your requirements, you are also providing a safe haven for them to thrive. See our blog post ‘Fewer seeds, bees and butterflies in GM crops’ here for further reading.

2. The way to a bugs heart is through its stomach

Along with eating aphids, Ladybugs also require pollen to live. By planting flowers such as Marigold, Sweet Alyssumm, Chives, Dill or Fennel to name a few, you will be providing them with all their dietary requirements. If you also plant some perennials Ground Beetles will repay you by digging into your slugs and snails.

3. Shelter from the cold

Just as we need shelter to survive so do insects, they normally lay their eggs on the underside of leaves and hide from prey in the same place. a Good ground cover will beneficial for the goodies that don’t fly and the following list of plants will provide shelter as well as food for the beneficials: