5 ways to reduce waste at home

There are many ways you can help our environment by reducing waste in your home. You can make it a competition with the family to see how low you can get your rubbish bin level each week! Encourage your kids to think outside the square and create something new from what would normally be discarded, it will stimulate their creative side and educate them about waste.


1. Compost

Composting is the easiest place to start, you can create a nutrient rich mulch for your garden beds and it doesn’t cost you a cent! See what you can find around the home that you can turn into a compost bin and remember to add dry materials such as leaves or straw to keep it from getting too moist.

2. No plastics

Be a conscious shopper and try to reduce any purchases that include plastics or unnecessary wrapping. By making more fresh food at home rather than buying mass produced food you will be benefiting your health as well as the environment.

Helpful hint – Use containers or our organic beeswax wraps rather than wrapping food in glad wrap.

3. Recycle

Ensure you know exactly what can be recycled and how/where to put it in your rubbish bin. Your local council should have information on their websites to assist with this. When purchasing new products make sure they can be recycled once you are finished using them, remembering it is always best trying to avoid accumulating the rubbish first.

4. Upcycle

About to throw a food tin in the recycle bin? Hold on, why not grab some of those bits of wrapping paper off cuts and wrap them around the tin to create a funky pencil holder?! Google is a fantastic tool to get ideas from for upcycling, simply type in the item you about to throw away and the word upcycle and you will get some great results. It’s a great sense of achievement to create something and save the planet at the same time.

5. Use earth-friendly cleaning products

Ever wondered where our water goes once it goes down the drain? Back into the environment is the answer. Whilst the water may be treated before going back into our waterways why not help the process by using earth friendly detergents and cleaners such as Soap Nuts and bi-carb soda and vinegar.