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At ecoo our ethos is based around sustainability and upcycling, we research to find the best possible products for you and the environment. We believe in knowing the story behind the products, how they are made and where the materials are sourced, if the labour is fairtrade and what impact the end result has on you the consumer and the environment.

Everyday worldwide there are 13,000 to 15,000 pieces of plastic dumped into the ocean, over 30 million toothbrushes are used and disposed of every year in Australia alone! It can take up to 1000 years for plastics to breakdown into smaller particles, never completely breaking down. Our aim is to make consumers more aware of these facts and start getting everyone to consider what impact every purchase they make is having on our environment and subsequently on us.

A lot of the products we stock are made from bamboo as it is a natural sustainable material. Because it is actually a grass it grows much faster than other wood without the use of any chemicals at all. It generates up to 35% more oxygen than most standard trees and does not need to be replanted, once it is chopped back it regenerates to full maturity within 3 to 5 years. Our bamboo clothing range is also super comfortable and lightweight and, as there are no chemicals used in production, it is much kinder on sensitive skin.

Some of the other wonderful products we have found focus on upcycling (converting waste materials into new materials), such as sunglasses made from discarded skateboards, handbags made from recycled materials and hats made from 100% recycled water bottles. We like to promote upcycling wherever possible, not only does it prevent more waste going into the environment but it provides us with a sense of creativity and achievement bringing something back to life.

Ecoo’s shop fit out has been completed using items found on the verge, things being given away or sold on Gumtree and items sourced from the Balcatta recycling centre. We have reused the partitions that were already in the store along with hinges and screws from when we were taking them apart. Our cabinets have been made from attaching old glass windows to crates and our shoe shelving from old ladders and work benches, even our sign was made from old bed slats. The total cost for the shop fit out items was a grand total of $330! (and a lot of hard work)

We don’t expect to change the world overnight but if we can get consumers to start thinking more about the impact each purchase has on our environment it is a starting point for change. Before you pick up your next toothbrush or plastic washing basket why not see if there is a more environmentally friendly option first, it will benefit your children and their children far into the future.

At Ecoo we are always on the lookout for better alternative products, if you know someone who upcycles and is looking for an outlet to sell their wares please be sure to let us know as we try to source locally and nationally wherever possible.