Adopt don’t shop


Adopt don’t shop is ecoo’s message this Christmas. If you are considering getting your child a pet whether it be a dog, cat, rabbit or other animal this Christmas, we urge you to have a look at animal rescue websites or visit a refuge centre to give an amazing gift of a new home to a needy animal.

Each year in Australia alone there are over 200,000 cats and dogs euthanised, yet there are people still breading pets for profits. Not only would you be providing a needy animal with some much needed love, but you would also be teaching your children a valuable lesson on charity and caring for animals.

Places to Adopt

Here are a couple of websites we recommend to see what animals are available for adoption:

You can also search for your local animal refuge centre if you wish to go and meet a few animals. Adopting from these organisations means you are also helping to fund their great work.

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