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bamboo underwear

We have the largest range of women’s and men’s bamboo underwear! Everything you need is here. All our underwear is produced from organic, fair trade, sustainable and luxuriously soft bamboo. Bamboo underwear is highly durable and will outlast cotton. It is also naturally odour resistant. It also fits perfectly and will not creep or show panty lines – it is seam free. For women we have bamboo bras, bamboo camis, tanks and tops. We have bamboo knickers including bikini, briefs, g-strings and boyleg. Our bamboo socks include sports, business, bamboo hidden socks and everyday styles. For guys we stock the popular bamboo work boot socks and bamboo boxers. We also stock bamboo briefs, business socks, mens hidden socks, bamboo sports socks. Read More …

Why choose bamboo underwear?

At Ecoo we love bamboo and we love bamboo underwear. Bamboo underwear is ultra soft and comfortable. It literally is affordable luxury. It is seam free. It has many amazing benefits over other fabrics. It is breathable and thermoregulating, being cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It is hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin types or those with conditions like eczema. Bamboo fabric is antibacterial and antifungal – it can reduce odours significantly.

eco friendly bamboo

We love the eco-friendliness of bamboo. Bamboo is a most sustainable resource, having the world record for growing faster than any other plant. Bamboo is substantially more sustainable than cotton. Also, bamboo has a very low carbon footprint as bamboo crops absorb more carbon dioxide than an equivalent amount of trees. Therefore our bamboo clothing helps the atmosphere by reducing carbon dioxide and increasing oxygen by 30% more. Using only natural rainwater and re-using that water rather than require water from other sources. Whereas cotton requires 20000 litres of water per kilo.

organic bamboo clothing

At Ecoo we ensure our bamboo clothing is produced organically, without chemicals. Many bamboo fabrics are produced using chemical methods and this removes the eco-friendly benefits of using bamboo. Our bamboo underwear is made from bamboo that has been grown without fertiliser, pesticide or insecticide.

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