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Natural laundry detergent – what are the alternatives?

soap nuts - natures laundry detergentUsing a Natural laundry detergent is a great alternative to chemical based detergents that harm yourself and the environment. The residues left on clothing and bedding after washing can cause skin irritations such as eczema, even the ones classed as ‘for sensitive skin’. When washed down our drains these detergents wreak havoc on our water ways and all the fauna and flora that thrive in it. Continue reading Natural laundry detergent – what are the alternatives?

ecoo – The people & the story behind the store

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Who is ecoo? Who are the geniuses behind such a brilliant shop you ask? The answer, two and a half crazy coots looking for more meaningful lives. Jason is the IT and brawn behind the operation, Christie is the marketing and brains and Ella is the teenager who assists the brains with social media (needless to say Christie is writing this blog so I can be the brains :). Continue reading ecoo – The people & the story behind the store

5 Products for living a more sustainable life


Products for living a more sustainable life. With so much plastic packaging and chemically laden products on the market it can sometimes appear hopeless in the plight to live more sustainably, rest assured though it can be done! By making a conscious effort to consider the environment when purchasing products, you are creating a better world for the future and reaping rewards for your health in the process. Continue reading 5 Products for living a more sustainable life

plastics in our oceans

ocean blog pic A recent Catalyst program aired on the 15th of March interviewed ecologist Dr Mark Brown and ecotoxicologist Dr Chelsea Rochman, they looked at plastics in our oceans and where they are mainly coming from. They first discussed the use of micro beads in beauty products and how they are getting washed straight down our drains and directly into our rivers and oceans, a number of supermarkets have reacted to this find by banning any beauty products that contain these tiny bits of plastic. Continue reading plastics in our oceans

remember when…


Ah the good old days when life was simpler and slower! Remember when every product you bought was quality made and lasted forever, no? Well in all fairness you may have to be 70 years old to remember this.Your parents or grandparents may still be using some of these illustrious products, Mum’s old Kelvinator fridge lasted us over 25 years without missing a beat and I am still using my nanna’s pots and vacuum cleaner which must be over 30 years old. I get it serviced occasionally and it still works perfectly, the vacuum shop salesman still tries to get me to upgrade every time though. It seems now that so many companies sell products that have a set life span to ensure you become a repeat customer, this means more wastage and inevitably more money out of consumer pockets. Continue reading remember when…

GM Crops: Fewer seeds, bees and butterflies

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Gm Crops are an alarming concern. Bees play an essential part in our ecosystem, they pollinate our crops (which equate to a third of all our food) and many other wild plants. ┬áSince late in the 1990’s the bee population has been declining around the world, this was initially thought to have been due to a virus however a resent UK study shows that it is largely due to pesticides and Genetically Modified (GM) crops. Scientists found that when comparing GM crops to a conventional crop that the GM crop had much lower levels of seeds, bees and butterflies. Continue reading GM Crops: Fewer seeds, bees and butterflies

is your sunscreen hurting our reefs?

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Not only can your sunscreen be detrimental to your own health but studies have found that Oxybenzone found in most body products and sunscreens is causing our reefs to die. WellBeing magazine tells us that it “deforms coral larvae by damaging DNA and trapping them in their own skeletons.” Coral Bleaching is another side effect of this chemical, whilst water temperatures are the main cause of this phenomenon, Oxybenzone is still a contributor. Continue reading is your sunscreen hurting our reefs?

5 ways to reduce waste at home

There are many ways you can help our environment by reducing waste in your home. You can make it a competition with the family to see how low you can get your rubbish bin level each week! Encourage your kids to think outside the square and create something new from what would normally be discarded, it will stimulate their creative side and educate them about waste. Continue reading 5 ways to reduce waste at home