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eco toys

Our range of natural, organic, eco toys has been carefully selected to ensure all items are 100% safe for children and babies. The Milton Ashby range are all hand made in Australia using sustainable resources. These are designed for tiny baby hands ages 3 months and upwards. Featuring no toxins or paints and a 100% organic finish they are safe for baby to put in their mouth. Have you seen the range of Anamalz animals? The fun wooden Anamalz collection features so many animals from giraffes and pelicans to kangaroos and octopus. How about an all natural, Australian handmade gumnut spinning top? A truly Australian product loved by tourists and locals alike.

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One of our best-sellers is the soybean crayon rocks that teach kids how to grip their pencils correctly. Grab a pouch of 16 crayon rocks and provide hours of creative entertainment for your child (age3+). The latest addition to our range is the wooden games. Why choose harmful plastic games when there are beautiful natural wood options available? – choose from connect-four, snakes and ladders, 100 marbles and mikado (pick-up-sticks).

Why choose eco toys over plastic?

As an environmentally conscious consumer you would know the damages plastic has on the environment, but are you aware of the possible dangers to your little ones? Plastic toys are made up of unnatural chemical composites that can leach into your child’s environment and even be ingested if chewing on them occurs. Toys made from natural materials avoids all of this and encourages your children to be active and creative, so many everyday toys have distracting bells and whistles that prevents the natural creativity process. Our eco toys encourage children to move by only being interactive if they are, they will also last for years to come so your children’s children can use them!

Supporting Australian owned and made companies for our eco toys

In the spirit of our commitment to supporting local, all our eco toys suppliers are Australian owned. Milton Ashby is an Australian owned company in Victoria, all their toys are hand made by Shannon who used to be an automotive engineer! Using sustainable wood, natural oils to finish and beautiful tin packaging, these toys make the perfect sustainable Australian handmade gift. Anamlaz was launched in 2006 by an Australian couple who were looking for wooden animal toys that were sustainabley made. The toys are designed in Australia and made in an award winning Chinese factory using plantation Chinese Maple. The gumnut spinning tops are Australian handmade and owned using either plantation or reclaimed wood, they make the perfect quintessentially Australian gift. If you are looking for a good interactive multi player wooden game you cant go past Australian owned Finksa, the connect four and snakes and ladders are perfect for keeping the kids entertained while travelling!
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