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green office products

At Ecoo we aim to provide only eco-friendly items that are good for the environment and you. We try to minimise plastics and maximise the sustainable and recyclable. We have

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recycled paper stationery such as recycled paper pads, recycled newspaper pencils and recycled paper journals with Australian designed images on the cover. Have you ever seen a sprout pencil? When you’ve finished with your pencil, plant it and watch it grow!

Benefits of recycled paper products in your green office

The cost of creating paper has a huge impact on the Earth. Deforestation not only reduces the amount of oxygen created to combat our carbon dioxide output, it also destroys much needed habitat for our wildlife. By using recycled paper products it means less pollution during manufacture, reduces paper waste from our landfills and increases the ability of our wildlife to flourish. Our recycled paper journal from Earth Greetings is made in Australia, printed with vegetable based ink and is 100% accredited carbon neutral.

Why bamboo for office products and do they work?

Yes! All our bamboo office products have the same electronics as any other mouse. They are wireless and look super stylish. The casings are made of sustainable bamboo. Bamboo is a natural resource that biodegrades unlike plastic. Being a natural product it doesn’t constantly emit nasty chemicals into your environment. Bamboo grows much faster than other natural resources and does not need to be replanted, it will regrow from where it is cut. It also doesn’t require any chemicals or pesticides to grow. Pandas love it so how can it not be great?! 🙂
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