Natural laundry detergent – what are the alternatives?

soap nuts - natures laundry detergentUsing a Natural laundry detergent is a great alternative to chemical based detergents that harm yourself and the environment. The residues left on clothing and bedding after washing can cause skin irritations such as eczema, even the ones classed as ‘for sensitive skin’. When washed down our drains these detergents wreak havoc on our water ways and all the fauna and flora that thrive in it.

To combat this ecoo have found Soap Nuts to be the best alternative, it is used by many people with skin allergies and being a completely natural product it is harmless to the environment.

Natural Laundry Detergent/Soap Nuts Facts

Soap Nuts are 100% Natural berries from the Himalayas, they are organically grown (this means no chemicals!)

A handful of these nuts can go through your washing 4-5 times before they need replacing.

Once the lifespan of the nuts is complete they can simply be thrown into your garden or compost.

Not tested on animals.

Can also be used for:

Soap liquid – for any use e.g. hand cleaner
Nappy Wash
Stain Remover
Dishwashing Liquid
Car Wash
Glass Cleaner
Pet Shampoo

See the below video for uses and handy hints:

You can buy Soap Nuts from ecoo here

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