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eco bags

These hemp bags are built tough. If you want a durable, good looking bag that will stand the test of time you need one of our hemp bags. We also stock some exquisite cork leather bags. All natural, sustainable cork. In store we have a vast range of hemp bags and hemp wallets in assorted colours. We also stock beautiful cork leather wallets. If you need a large or small hemp backpack, satchel, hemp wallet, hemp purse, hemp clutch, hemp city bag, hemp document wallet, hemp laptop bag, hemp shopping bag or a hemp shoulder bag. We stock sativa hemp bags. Also, ask in store about our beautiful handmade Rarebags handbags, made in Australia from upcycled fabrics. We also have a variety of wallets such as recycled tyre tube wallets.

why buy hemp bags?

At Ecoo we love hemp bags. Hemp as a fabric has many benefits. It is an Earth friendly product, producing more than twice the fibre than cotton from the same land area. Hemp plants have strong deep root systems that prevent soil erosion. Hemp plants do not exhaust the nutrients in the soil.

durable hemp

Hemp is also a very durable fabric, outlasting cotton and other fabrics. It can take the bashing and scratching that other fabrics cannot. For example, a customer came into our store recently with a 5 year old bag that we sell – it was still in great condition! The fixings, zippers and clasps on all our bags are first class, built strong. Also, hemp is resistant to mildew and mold, meaning the fabric wont weaken if left to the elements.