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mala bead necklace – sodalite – deep blue
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Mala bead necklace with sodalite gems. Mala beads have been traditionally used in prayer and meditation for many centuries. They are also known as buddhist prayer beads. The beads are used for mantra while meditating. Helping to clear the mind and focus on your chosen mantra. Designed with Rudraksha beads sustainabley sourced in South East Asia. Containing carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen in the beads themselves. Believed to help to heal the mind, lower blood pressure and reduce ailments. The sodalite gem stones aid a deeper spiritual understanding. Also known to stimulate creative abilities and assist in communication. The round emblem is made from recycled Teak and shows an image of a Woman of Nature at its center. The image represents connection with nature. Used in yoga, the pose represents both masculine and feminine energies.

This stunning necklace can be worn as a single long necklace or wrapped around twice for an extra stylish look. Made from a West Australian owned and operated company.

Also available in Amazonite, Amethyst, Adventurine, Turquoise Ocean and Rose Quartz.

Sodalite Mala Bead Necklace Qualities

Brings clarity
Calms and heals the mind, body and soul
Aids deeper spiritual understanding
Develops intuition
Aids communication


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