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stone sunglasses – polarised – amazing and totally unique!
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Amazing stone sunglasses! Want to be the life of the party?! Recycled stone. The stone is sanded and put onto the wooden frame. This makes them lightweight and yet .... stone! The texture not rough but not completely smooth either. The inner wood is smooth. Topheads are an Australian company based in Bondi, N.S.W. They make all their sunnies here in Australia from eco-friendly woods such as bamboo, maple and recycled skateboard decks.
The hinges are springy and strong. The frame wood is 7ply maple. These are high quality frames.

Come in and try them on. Be the first in Perth to own some!


The lenses are polarised. The lenses are dark tint and made from bioplastic. Bioplastic is made from biomass products such as vegetable oil. It can even be made from recycled plastic bottles. Other plastic lenses are petroleum based, requiring more natural resources(fossil fuels) to produce. They also produce more greenhouse gases. All of our sunglasses are polarised (this has been tested!).

Stone Sunglasses Dimensions

Height: 58mm
Width: 140mm
Depth: 12mm