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hemp hats and hemp caps

The hemp hats come in a variety of natural colours including khaki, denim, black and navy. Hemp is an ideal fabric for hats, one reason is that it is ultra-durable. These hats will last and last. They will outlast most other fabrics. Hemp fabric is one of the strongest natural fabrics. It will also hold it’s shape, hemp does not stretch or pull. The best thing about hemo is that the more you wear it the softer it gets. In time your hemp hat will feel wonderfully soft. Hemp is also a porous fabric. Allowing it to absorb dye and hold it’s colour longer. This also makes it more breathable, keeping your head cooler on hot summer days. When in the sun, hemp is your friend – it is also resistant to ultraviolet light. In winter, hemp is your friend – it is also naturally resistant to mould and mildew. At ecoo we love hemp for all these reasons. But another reason we love hemp is that it is more sustainable. Hemp requires less land and water to grow than cotton. Hemp plants do not exhaust the soi, quite the opposite. Hemp roots bury deep and hold the soil. The leaves fall about the ground and enrich the next generation of crops. This also keeps the moisture in the soil. Next time you buy, buy hemp! You will be saving yourself money in the long run and you will be helping maintain our beautiful planet.

recycled water bottle cap in black – fabric made from plastic!

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