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girls bamboo leggings – pink & white stripe
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Luxuriously soft baby bamboo leggings, paired with lycra to ensure ease of movement, stretch and growth. Completely elastic free using a firm fold down yoga top band to keep the pants up. Features a cute solid back pocket. The leggings are designed to fit over cloth nappies. They are slightly tapered in with extra leg length and a cuff, which can either fold or rouche and then be extended as baby grows. This ensures they will fit over several years.

Please note that some versions have the solid pink ankle, others have the pink stripes continuing to the end of the leggings.

Benefits of bamboo fabric for baby bamboo leggings

Bamboo as a fabric has many benefits, being cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It has an amazing softness. It has hypoallergenic and anitbacterial properties. Very suitable for sensitive skin or those with conditions such as eczema. Bamboo is also a sustainable resource, being one of the fastest growing products in the world.