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glass water bottle – BPS and BPA free – 100% natural
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No plastic! BPA & BPS free. No Stainless steel. Just the natural taste of using glass. Perfect for on the go or at work, this glass water bottle is handcrafted from only natural materials - glass, cork, wood and caoutchouc (natural rubber).The 500ml bottle fits perfectly into your purse or cup holders in the car. The 700ml bottle is a bit thicker and taller and keeps you on the go longer. Throw out your coasters, this wonderful bottle never leaves condensation marks. The base is cork too.

Be proud and tell people that you are using the first 100 % natural bottle in the world. Feel good and look good. Take this bottle everywhere to encourage yourself to drink enough fluid. Makes a great unique gift idea for that someone who has everything.

Suitable for hot water also. Rated to 70 degrees. Enjoy your hot tea on the go 🙂

health and sustainability

Did you know that new evidence is emerging that BPA free plastic is not safe? Did u know that by choosing natural glass and cork over plastics is helping the planet? Did you know that within 30 years there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish!


The cork holder acts as shock proofing and will provide great protection for day to day knocks and drops. The glass bottle itself is thick and solid. I have been using this bottle for over a year now and it's still going strong. I simply use and clean and use again. Highly recommended.

glass water bottle cleaning

Cleaning is easy. Remove the rubber tights, the cork and the wooden cap. What remains is the glass bottle. You can put it into dishwasher or clean it by hand. Note: the screw cap should not be washed under running water or in the dishwasher.

bottle specifications

Capacity: 500ml or 700ml Production: handcrafted, traditional workmanship Materials: glass, cork, wood, caoutchouc (natural rubber).

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