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bamboo tee mens black (last 1) size S
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bamboo tee - mens - black. This simple t-shirt is an ecoo favourite. Super soft and breathable bamboo fabric. With bamboo you rarely need to iron, just a 15 minutes of body heat should do the job. Throw it on to wear around the house in total comfort or to look sharp when you head out. i tend to prefer to go one size up for a relaxed loose fit. if you buy your normal size it will be a more hugging fit with plenty of stretchiness

bamboo fabric is amazing

#no-ironing - just use body heat to remove all wrinkles in minutes. If you must iron, use a medium heat
#non-shrink - bamboo fabrics stretch and return to original size. I have had one of these tee's for 2 years and it is still like new.
#colour - bamboo fabric colours last longer, dyes penetrate deeper into the weave
#sustainable - bamboo is the most sustainable fabric, requiring less land, water and time to grow
#hypo-allergenic - great for sensitive skin
#anti-odour - bamboo fabric is naturally anti-bacterial and will reduce odours.
#breathable - the weave on bamboo fabric is more spacious and you will feel much cooler on hot days.
#thermo-regulating - amazingly, bamboo also keeps you warmer in winter because it wicks moisture away from your skin to evaporate.

mens bamboo tshirt care

Using cold water wash, a gentle detergent and line drying will see your bamboo shirts last and last. If you must tumble dry then use the gentle setting. Do not use bleaches or softeners (harmful and unnecessary for bamboo anyway!)