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white bamboo tshirt – ultra soft, ultra cool mens v-neck
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White bamboo tshirt - a staple for every wardrobe. Cool, classy and comfy. V-neck style with a great shape. Ideal for casual or formal wear. Quality bamboo fabric grown organically. Have you made the switch to bamboo yet? Sustainable. Cooler than cotton in Summer, warmer than cotton in Winter (thermo-regulating). Not only that, bamboo clothing does not need ironing, just a couple minutes of body heat and this shirt will be flat all over. Anti-static. Hypo-allergenic. Anti-odour/Anti-bacterial. Non-irritating. With a fit the drapes over the body, bamboo is unlike any fabric you have worn before. One try and you will be hooked. These shirts don't shrink or stretch in the wash. It is suggested to buy a slightly larger size than you normally wear, to provide the loosest, most relaxed fit. Super versatile - wear it at work, wear it to dinner, wear it to Sunday bbq's or chill out around the house.

bambo tshirt fabric

95% bamboo
5% spandex
100% sustainable and awesome
Did you know that bamboo clothing rarely needs ironing! (body heat will flatten it)
Did you know that bamboo fabric holds dye better than other fabrics such as cotton? Colours will last longer with bamboo

White Bamboo Tshirt Care

Wash inside out
Machine wash in cold or warm water
Wash with other soft garments (no denim or velcro) or use a lingerie bag to protect your garment
Wash with like colours
Line dry (preferably in the shade in areas where the sun is harsh)
Tumble dry on a cool setting
Take care when wearing your shirt, avoid hard/sharp surfaces.

We also stock mens bamboo tshirts in black or grey.