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tea light candle holders handmade from banksia
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2 pack banksia seed pod candle holders. These look beautiful when lit. The candle light filters through the natural holes in the banksia. The holes appear when the pods are hand shaped and hollowed. This species of Banksia pods are know as Banksia Grandis. Flowering in summer they produce bright yellow flowers. Banksias grow in coastal areas of Australia. These particular pods are collected from Western Australia after they have fallen off the tree. Ensuring the birds have taken the seeds out before collecting. They are then turned on a lathe and handcrafted into the candle holder. Being made by hand means each one is a one off piece. Making the perfect quintessentially Australian gift. We also stock other products made from banksia pods. You might like our banksia scent pots or our banksia coasters

These banksia candle holders are presented in a gift pack featuring 2 candle holders and 2 tea light candles inside them. A description is provided on the back showing how they are created and where the banksia pods come from.

These banksia candles holders are hand made in Australia from an Australian owned and operated company. By buying products from Australian owned and operated companies you are helping to keep your money in Australia. You are also supporting Australian businesses which keep our economy running.

For more information about the Banksia Grandis plant click here

banksia candle holders travel overseas

The wood of the banksias are treated and as stated on the box are suitable for overseas travel. Making the perfect Australian gift to take to take back home to overseas family or friends.


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