ecoo – The people & the story behind the store

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Who is ecoo? Who are the geniuses behind such a brilliant shop you ask? The answer, two and a half crazy coots looking for more meaningful lives. Jason is the IT and brawn behind the operation, Christie is the marketing and brains and Ella is the teenager who assists the brains with social media (needless to say Christie is writing this blog so I can be the brains :).

Jason and I had sold our previous businesses and weren’t quite sure where to next. We had started eating organically that same year and are passionate about what effects humanity is having on the environment. At the same time we were struggling to find sustainable alternatives to everyday products to use in our home.

There weren’t any businesses for sale out there that aligned with our way of living, then the shop front in Scarborough fell into our laps. We had started wearing clothes made from bamboo fabric and using bamboo sheets (OMG so comfy!) so we thought lets open a shop that sells those.

Our aim quickly became to provide any sustainable alternative items we could find that came from Australian suppliers. We were lucky enough to find a few things that are handmade in Perth and others that are handmade elsewhere around Australia. We were surprised to find so many upcycled products such as belts made from bike tyres and candle holders made from banksia nuts.

ecoo says thank you!

It has been an amazing journey and we have met some awesome people along the way. We hope that our products are changing the way consumers think about what they purchase and the lasting affect they will have on the environment. A huge thank you to all our supporters, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Ps. The nanna photo bombing in the picture is not part of ecoo haha

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